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Chairman Confidence Polytechnic Institute

Engr. Md. Abdur Rahman

Principal B.Sc Engineer (Civil), MBA, M.Sc (S.W.E)


Technical and vocational education is the main driving force of development and progress.
We,the Confidence Polytechnic and the Medical Institute, are all committed to building a prosperous Bangladesh by transforming the vast population of this country into skilled human resources. There is no alternative to technical and vocational education in the economic liberation of the country. Poverty Alleviation and Employment Opportunities The importance of education in self-employment, entrepreneurial development and increasing productivity is immense. Bangladesh needs a massive expansion of technical vocational education to become a middle-income country.
Confidence Polytechnic  Institute is one of the few polytechnic institutes in the government as well as at the private level. Being educated in this career-oriented education, a student can make full use of that in his careerThat is why CPI authorities place utmost importance on theory classes as well as practical classes. I hope with everyone's cooperation I will be able to contribute to the macroeconomic development of the country InshaAllah.

Your cooperation is most desirable for us to implement our commitment to build a prosperous and selfless society. Let the benefits of this education reach the doorsteps of the masses, I wish.