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It is never too early to think about your future especially when students are informed about different opportunities and choices that can benefit them. Career clubs give students the chance to learn from people who have jobs in the field they are studying. These people may give presentations to the club, or members may be able to visit someone at their workplace.


Besides the professional benefits, career clubs are a good way to get involved in student’s life and meet students who have similar interests and goals. The friends you make here could be the same ones who help you find a job later. CPI Job Career Club compiles for group including Students, Teachers, Parents and Business and University people. Its goal is to share ideas for activities and projects to do with students to help them explore Career Possibilities. This club introduces college and career concepts through games, help students to start to make decisions about their future and last give them exposure to polytechnic.

 CPI Job Career is a platform where hard working gems and volunteers create and host career related events for students. Our main motive is uplifting students from grass root level to stardom.


This club is dedicated to providing career –building workshops, career counseling to students and making sure that not a single student’s talent/skill goes unrecognized.

CPI Job Career club believes in making students skillful and employable in their respective fields of endeavor, thereby transforming their lives for better.


Students from 2nd to 3rd Semester are invited to join the club. Students may not be doing ICT as a Csec subject, however they must demonstrate keen interest in any area of ICT. The club will have a maximum of 30 students. Membership will open for new members as students enter 8th Semester and make their exit from the club.

Membership Fees

Members are expected to contribute Tk.100 monthly. Contributions will provide supplies needed for effective running of the club. For example, a group focusing on building a miniature network may need to buy CAT5 cable and RJ45 plugs.

Meeting Day

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