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How English clubs can be helpful to your language-learning process.


For many English learners, speaking is the most difficult part of the language to master. To improve your speaking skills, you need to be able to practice with other English learners or English speakers.

One way to do this is by joining – or starting – an English club.


There are many reasons why English clubs can help learners of all ages and levels improve their English. The most important reason is that they offer learners a chance to practice English by actually speaking it.


There are other advantages, too. English clubs are less formal than a classroom setting. Many learners find them more fun than usual English classes. They also let learners practice English in more real-life situations. This can increase a learner’s desire to practice and learn on their own.

Bonnie Norton and Ernst Von Glasersfeld are learning theory experts. They say that using a language in authentic situations is very important for learners. So is being motivated to practice and improve, they say.

Now that you understand some of the benefits of an English club, let’s discus how you can create your own club.


Students from 2nd to 3rd Semester are invited to join the club, however they must demonstrate keen interest in any area of English Language Club. The club will have a maximum of 60 students. Membership will open for new members as students enter 8th Semester and make their exit from the club.


Membership Fees

Members are expected to contribute Tk.100 monthly. Contributions will provide supplies needed for effective running of the club. For example, a group focusing on building a miniature network may need to buy accessories.

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